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With expert knowledge, professional service and a commitment to environmentally sensible practices, we preserve the
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Terms and conditions

The Contractor

Eco Tree Care agrees to perform the work in a competent manner and in compliance with the specification contained in the quotation/estimate.


Amendments to the contract specifications and price, must be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties.


All contracts are accepted on the basis of full payment within seven (7) days from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise stated. Interest may be charged on any amount owing after the due date at the rate of 5% per month. Any expenses, disbursements and legal costs incurred by Eco Tree Care Ltd in the enforcement of any rights contained in this contract shall be paid by the customer, including any reasonable solicitors fees or debt collection agency fees.


Any complaints which may arise from work performed under any contract arising from acceptance of the estimate or quote must be made within seven (7) days from the date of the invoice, unless agreed in writing to the contrary.

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas

The trees in the contract may be protected by the local or regional authority. Where it is necessary to obtain consents from the relevant authorities, it will remain the responsibility of the tree owner, unless Eco Tree Care Ltd is authorised by the owners to carry out this service in the contract.

Private Covenants and Boundaries

Investigation of Private Covenants and Boundaries shall be the responsibility of the client and no liability shall be attached to the contractor for a breach of any such Covenants or Boundary. The client must obtain written permission from all tree owner's prior to Eco Tree Care Ltd commencing work.

Overhead Powerlines

Where the overhead power lines are owned or controlled by an electricity network owner, Eco Tree Care Ltd shall contact and seek guidance from the owner or its authorised representative before proceeding with the work. The owner may exempt Eco Tree Care Ltd to carry out such tree work where there is no electrical hazard, however such work shall be subject to the written consent of the owner or its representative with conditions, including any safety procedures, for ensuring avoidance of any potential electrical hazards in the course of the work. Any additional cost will be amended to the quote and approved by the customer before work commences.

Underground Services

Unless a plan showing the exact location of underground pipes, wires or cables has been forwarded to us by the owner of the land (or his agent) prior to the forming of this contract, the contractor shall be under no liability for any damage caused as a result of work performed under the contract to such pipes, wires or cables or any damage to property resulting there from. The owner of the land or his agent shall be solely liable for any such damage.

Hidden Obstructions

Quotations for felling are based on the assumption that trees are free from metal, stone or other hidden obstructions. In the event of a tree being impossible to fell in the normal manner, the company reserves the right to re quote accordingly.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves the removal of the tree stump to a depth of 150mm, but does not include the removal of lateral roots or stump chippings, unless specified otherwise.

Insurance Cover

All work carried out by the contractor is covered by $1,000,000 Third party and Public Liability Insurance for damage to persons or property that may result in the implementation of the contract.


Firewood left on site will be left in manageable pieces or in rings as quoted. It will not be split unless specifically requested in the contract. All lengths are approximate. Any Firewood left on site must be left on the day of works.


Any debris that will fit into the chipper where appropriate shall be chipped. If the client has requested that the chip be left on site this must occur on the day and is dependent on vehicle access.


Should any dispute arise as to the interpretation of the contract, it shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1996 and its amendments. Any decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding, upon both parties.

Expiry of Quotation

The contract price is based on site conditions existing at the time of the quotation remaining unchanged. Eco Tree Care reserves the right to withdraw this quotation before it is accepted. If the quotation has not been accepted, it will lapse without notice 30 days after it is given.


The tree owner accepts full responsibility for their driveways and paths and understands that to carry out work specified in the contract, it may be necessary to use heavy machinery that may cause damage to their driveways and paths. The contractor will not be liable for any damages caused to the driveways or pathways.


While the contractor will carry out the best practice methods in relocating trees, Eco Tree Care cannot guarantee the survival of the relocated tree/trees and will not be liable for any financial reimbursement for the cost of the relocation or for the loss of the tree/trees.


Where a fence needs to be temporarily removed for works to be carried out it is the responsibility of the client to remove the fence prior to works and erect the fence after work has been completed.


Any debris removed off site by Eco Tree Care shall remain the property of the client until full payment has been made. Eco Tree Care reserves the right to return debris if full payment is not received.

Firewood and Woodchip Sales

All firewood and woodchip is the property of Eco Tree Care until full payment is received. Eco Tree Care reserves the right to collect property if full payment is not made. All firewood is sold by the tossed cubic meter and is stored outside, therefore subject to weather conditions. We try to deliver when requested and will contact the client if there are any changes.